Federation of Poles in Great Britain

About us


The Federation of Poles started in 1946, when the British Government formally withdrew recognition of the Polish Government in Exile. From that time until 1990 The Federation represented the interests of the Polish immigration with respect to British authorities.

Subsequent to the transfer of the Presidential Insignia by President Ryszard Kaczorowski to President Lech Wałęsa, some responsibilities were vested in The Federation. The Federation was recognised by both Polish and British governments, as well as other Polish organisations world-wide, as the organisation representing the Polish ethnic minority in Great Britain. The Federeation exists not only to both promote and defend the interests of the Polish ethnic minority in Great Britain, but also to promote Polish history, culture and traditions among the British people.

About ZPWB

We are a charity organisation working on a voluntary basis. Our governing bodies are democratically elected every 2 years by the General Assembly of all member organizations and individual members.

With the growing number of Poles, we are playing an increasingly important role in Great Britain as a national minority. We need your input to face up to the problems that arise. As part of the Polish community, you must take an active stance, join existing Polish organisations or, where there are none, create new ones. In this way, we will become a political force that will be increasingly reckoned with by the British authorities and the British Trade Unions.

Being active in Trade Unions, signing up for electoral lists, and being active in British political parties will not only help in our daily affairs, but also in our integration into society. All of this is especially important in today's economic conditions, when it becomes increasingly difficult to get and keep a job. As long as we are perceived as a united, organised community, we will be treated with due respect.

Many of you have probably gained experience in social work, it would be worth using it for a common purpose.

We look forward to working with you!


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