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Protest Letter to Russian Ambassador

On January 22nd 2022 Dr Wlodzimierz Mier-Jedrzejowicz, the acting President of the Federation of Poles in Great Britain based in London, sent a letter expressing the anger and dismay felt by the 1 million strong Polish community in the United Kingdom at the recent accusations made by President Vladinir Putin of Russia over the last month in which claimed that Poland had assisted Nazi Germany in starting the Second World War and contributed to the persecution of Jews before and during the Second World War.

These accusations are false and have been condemned both by the Polish Government and the European Commission. They have outraged Polish people everywhere because they completely ignore Poland's suffering under the regimes both of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

Dr Mier-Jedrzejowicz argues that by drawing such a false and negative appraisal of Poland's past suggests that President Putin is equally hostile to present day Poland and that during the presidency of President Putin Polish-Russian relations have deteriorated from the more positive relations that existed between between the two nations during the rule of his predecessors.

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Letter to Russian Ambassador